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We continued our annual tradition of picking raspberries at Schuh Farms. This year, we went early enough that it was still Strawberry season, so we went ahead and picked some of them as well. The boys loved it. Though the strawberry picking was a bit hard on our backs. I slugged through it with the boot though I was worn out by the end of the day.

June 2019

Some memories from our busy June.

We also went to Golden Gardens Park with a friend. The boys loved playing in the sand and changing the flow of water.

Edward had his birthday party at school and also his school picnic. He was sad his teachers retired, but ready to continue on.


I have a couple months to catch up with and know that the next few months are going to be super busy as summer usually is. Edward has a swim camp, music camp, a yoga camp, and we have some family coming to visit. That is just July. whew..

I was trying to find some time to update the website when I went and did something stupid:

I fell down some steps and rolled my ankle. Thankfully, I didn’t break it, but I really sprained it. It just means I have to take it easy now, so I am going to have time to get things updated here. My hope is to have it updated in the next week. We will see how it works out.

Our little boy had his last day of Kindergarten this week. He is excited but anxious to head off to first grade next year. He is sad that his school is closing and his teachers are retiring so Morgan isn’t going to be able to go there. We are slowly talking to him about school and going to a big school. It will be a change from his class size of 6 to a class size of more than 20.

He loves reading and math. He is reading all sorts of books on his own and reads almost everything he can get ahold of. He is working on his multiplication. He can do the smaller numbers, but has to think really hard to get the bigger numbers.

He is not a huge fan of writing. He seems to be ok with doing it at school since he brings lots of papers and stories home, but it is like pulling teeth at home.

I can’t believe how much he has grown in the past year.

We have thrown really big parties for Edward for the first 5 years, so this year, we decided to switch it up and ask him what kind of trip he would like to do for his birthday. He chose to take a train out to Idaho to go visit his Grammy. We had to break some of his heart because we didn’t let him do it on his own, but I think he had a blast overall.

Because the train left during rush hour, we had to make sure we got there with plenty of time. We got there a little bit quicker than we thought, so we had some time to play around the terminal. I took the boys outside and we got to see some of the other trains coming and going. They were super excited and ready to get on.

Once we boarded, first thing Edward wanted to do was to play Magic, The Gathering with Daddy. The tables weren’t quite big enough, so they had an interesting time. Morgan felt left out, so mommy got him out a card game to match shapes, colors and numbers. He loved playing that. We spent some time looking out the windows and then, Darrell wandered up to the dining car and got us a table to eat some dinner. We figured we would splurge just a little bit since it happened to be our 10 year anniversary on the day we left. After Dinner we went back to our seats and the boys watched a Daniel Tiger Special and then went to sleep for the remainder of the trip.

We spent most of our trip hanging out at Darrell’s Uncle Adam and Aunt Linda’s house. Lorna had driven over her motorhome and was staying outside so she could spend as much time as she could with us. Even Darrell’s cousins ┬ácame and visited us there. It had been almost two years since the last time we were out there.

Sunday happened to actually be Edward’s birthday, so we invited people out to a quiet beach area and we hung out while the boys played in the water. Edward and Cole were really good and swam out to the dock so they could jump in. The water was a bit too cold for us adults though. I made the cake and had carried it out to Sandpoint on the train, so I am happy it survived as well as it did. He had an amazing small party and loved every minute of it. He didn’t even want to go when the rest of us were ready.

On Monday, We headed over to Darrell’s Grandma’s house, Snail’s Leap, and hung out for a little bit so we could spend some time with her. Darrell loves the area and likes to go see it to think about his childhood times spent staying there.

And then we headed home on Monday night. Completely worn out and exhausted, but having had a wonderful weekend to celebrate Edward.

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